Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bakbak Native Chicken Restaurant Franchise

The Philippine native chicken, although not widely used as poultry meat in majority of our fast food and fine dining restaurants, still has it's place in the Filipino family's dining table because of its unique taste and texture. But it's also because these same qualities that make the native chicken so rare as a food fare in commercial establishments. Native chicken tend to be smaller, leaner and has less meat in them compared to the widely used broiler breeds. You'll be hard pressed to find a restaurant that offers native chicken in their menu.

This is what makes Bakbak Native Chicken so unique in a sea of restaurants offering the same chicken dishes day in and day out. Bakbak Native Chicken Restaurant is one of Davao City's best kept secret. They offer various native chicken dishes as well as kambing (goat meat) cooked in a variety of ways served famously with ice cold beer. This jewel from the south is seeking to expand in major cities throughout the Philippines and is open for franchise.

Franchise Details:

Franchise Fee: P 600,000.00
Royalty Fee: 5% gross sales
Franchise Term: 6 years
Minimum Required Space: 250 sqm
Total Estimated Franchise Cost: P 2,500,000.00 to P 5,000,000.00

Contact Details:

Contact Address: Prime Square Compound, F. Torres Davao City
Contact Number: (082)2860649

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