Monday, December 14, 2015

APM Ad and Promo Management Franchise

It's amazing how far the technology behind advertisements has come over the years. From the big 3 medium of print, radio and television just a few decades ago, it has already expanded to include online and billboard advertisement which are actually the best performing and most popular platforms in the past 5 years due to its cost compared to having your products or services featured on more traditional platforms. You only have to look at the humongous billboards littered throughout the city and the sites/social media platforms you are browsing on your smart phones as you travel to and from your work or place of business if you doubt the popularity and effectivity of  these new platforms.

APM ad and promo management is a Davao based business that has expanded it reach in the Visayas and Metro Manila areas. They offer various forms of advertisement, ranging from more traditional broadcast advertising to more recent phenomena like transit ads, street decals, lamp post banners to more personalized forms like t-shirt printing, stickers, poster and key chains. If you have something to promote, APM has got you  covered. Advertising is a popular and lucrative industry, so if you are a businessman that has a strong interest in this industry, then partnering with APM as a franchisee is the way to go.

Franchise Details:

Franchise Fee: P 300,000.00
Royalty Fee: 2% gross sales
Franchise Term: 6 years
Equipment Investment (optional): P 2,500,000.00
Total Estimated Franchise Cost: P 500,000.00 to P 2,500,000.00

Contact Details:

Contact Address: Yniguez Subdivision Ma-a Davao City
Contact Number: (082)2448181 and (082)2441392 or (02)9122946

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