Thursday, December 10, 2015

Coco Vida Franchise

Touted as the Miracle Tree, the coconut tree has many uses. From its leaves, fruit, trunk and roots, each of them is used as food, shelter and medicine. So does it surprise anybody that the coconut water obtained from its fruits, aside from being very nutritious, can be used to replace dextrose. If there ever was a tree of life, the humble coconut is it.

Drinking coconut water, or buko juice as it is locally called, is a great way to stay healthy. One of the best in the country that offers this is Coco Vida. Coco Vida does not only offer traditional buko juice, but also a combination of other fruits that are infused with coconuts that makes for a very flavorful drink. If you want a franchise that has a mass customer base, the Coco Vida is for you.

Franchise Details:

Franchise Fee For Unit Franchise (1 outlet): P 99,000.00 inclusive of administration fee
Franchise Fee For Area Franchise (3 outlets): P 240,000.00
Franchise Term: 4 to 5 years
Franchise Renewal: P 3,000.00 to 4,000.00 a month per outlet
Minimum Required Space: 4 sqm
Total Estimated Franchise Cost: P 350,000.00 to P 1,000,000.00

Contact Details:

Contact Address: General Bautista, San Juan del Monte Quezon City
Contact Number: (02)7240234

source: logo and symbol © Coco Vida

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