Friday, September 11, 2015

Rapide Franchise

With the amount of cars plying the Metro Manila roads that go through the daily grind of traffic and weather disturbances like extreme heat or flash floods, there will come a time that your car might break down, or at the very least require some maintenance. If you have a brand new car that's no problem since you could go to your car dealer to have it checked out and maintained, usually for free for the first three years. But for the rest of the car owners like myself, a professional auto service center is needed like Rapide.

Rapide is not your run of the mill auto service station, or "talyer" as it's more commonly known in the Philippines. Rapide offers state of the art equipment that is manned by a team of professional mechanics that can assist you with your cars needs, whether it be small or large repair and maintenance. From a businessman's perspective. The sheer volume of cars on the road would mean continuous business for years to come making Rapide an excellent franchise choice.

Franchise Details:

Total Estimated Franchise Cost: P 6,000,000.00 to P 7,000,000.00
Franchise Fee: P 1,100,000.00 to P 2,100,000.00
Royalty Fee: P 60,000.00
Franchise Term: 10 years
Franchise Renewal: 10 years

Contact Details:

Contact Address: 1166 Chino Roces Avenue corner Estrella Avenue Makati City
Contact Number: (02)8400451 and FAX: (02)8954487

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