Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mr. Quickie Franchise

There are somethings in life we usually take for granted or put off as long as possible. It's the small stuff like a shoe or bag that needs repair, a shirt, dress or pants that needs alterations or a key that needs duplicated. These might seem trivial  to anyone who spends his or her days busy in school, work or business, but these little things are very much essential. Rather than learning to do these things or do it yourself, you could just head over to Mr. Quickie to have these done.

Mr. Quickie provides various services for your shoes, bags, keys, alterations, embroidery and even rubber stamps. They are an all in one stop shop for your needs. This type of services will be always in demand no matter how much technology develops and is in no way in danger of becoming obsolete anytime soon, thus making them an excellent franchise choice.

Franchise Details:

Total Estimated Franchise Cost: P 1,200,000.00
Franchise Fee: P 250,000.00
Royalty Fee: 4%
Marketing Fee: 3%
Franchise Term: 4 years
Franchise Renewal: 4 years

Contact Details:

Contact Address: Banner St. cor Danny Floro St. Bagong, Ilog Pasig City
Contact Number: (02)6719541  and FAX: (02)6719542

source: logo and symbol © Mr. Quickie

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