Thursday, January 19, 2017

Boy Prito Franchise

If you ask people what type of food they love, eight out of ten would probably answer you they love fried foods. It's no secret that Filipinos love fried food. It does not matter if you are young or old. Everyone loves fried stuff. So it comes to no surprise that the most popular street foods are fried. Like fish balls, squid balls, fried isaw, fried pusit, kwek kwek and pugo are all fried food items. So if you are thinking of what business to start, why not fried food?

Boy Prito offers tasty food items with their own unique recipe like fried dumplings, lumpiang shanghai, burger steak, fried chicken and even fried pork chop served with hot rice for the hungry consumer. For interested entrepreneurs, this is a food cart type business so capital requirement is not that big and only minimal space is required.    

Franchise Details:

Franchise Fee: P 50,000.00
Food Cart Package: P 75,000.00
Initial Franchise Term: 4 years
Continuation Fee: P 3,000.00 per month
Minimum Space Required: 3 sqm

Contact Details:

Contact Address: Bulletin Street West Triangle Quezon City
Contact Number: (02)5797578 and FAX (032)3717366
Email Address:

source: logo and symbol © Boy Prito

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