Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Macho Mucho Franchise

A testament to the staying power of barbershops and beauty saloons is when I recently visited my old high school in Manila and found out that the place I used to get my haircut, well undercut (hey it's the 90's and I am one of the cool kids.. in my own mind at least) is still alive and kicking. What's more surprising is the price of the haircut remained the same after two decades. It's one of the few industries where inflation has minimal to virtually no effect on. Modern barbershops and beauty salons all offer the same service but must innovate to stay competitive.

Macho Mucho is a success story from the south. What distinguishes them from the competition is that they are a barbershop/beauty saloon hybrid and that they offer services from the best of both worlds. They have plans expanding nationwide and is looking to partner up with like minded entrepreneurs.

source: logo and symbol © Macho Mucho Franchise

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