Friday, November 11, 2016

Lemon Pa More Franchise

Lemons for me envoke memories of warm fuzzy feelings from my childhood when I used to watch a LOT of American films as well as read tons of old Archie comics which shows children who want to raise money during summer time open up lemonade stands. It would be years later before I was able to get the opportunity to find out what lemonade taste like and unsurprisingly, it taste as good as I imagined it.

Lemon Pa More is a lemonade stand that caters to the Filipino market. Lemon juice is as delicious as it is healthy. You can be guaranteed that every cup served is made from real lemons. If you are looking for a food cart or food stand business, you can add this one to your portfolio. I have attached an image of their flyer for more details.

Contact Details:

Contact Address: Unit 520 5F AIC Burgundy Empire Tower ADB Avenue Ortigas Center Pasig City
Contact Number: (02)9011707 or (02)9011730

source: logo and symbol © Lemon Pa More

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