Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Green Home Franchise

One of the biggest recurring expense in the Filipino household is the cost of our utilities, especially electricity. The cost of electricity is ridiculously high that consumers are always looking for ways on how to limit their usage or resort to buying electricity saving devices that has been proven to be outright scams. But the eternal quest of looking for cheaper electricity may be coming to an end with the advent of green technology for our homes.

Green Home by Greenovate utilizes natural resources like the wind, sunlight and rain together with their patented architecture and eco friendly building materials which can build any kind of home that fits the buyers taste and financial capabilities. This is how it works. As a franchisee, you can sell a building or a house to your client. All the building components will be created by the franchisor (Green Home) and their affiliates to your specifications and shipped right to your front door. The franchisee is then the one responsible to put it all together and build the house. If you have always wanted to have a real estate business, then this franchise is for you.

Franchise Details:

Franchise Fee: P 400,000.00
Franchise Term: 6 years
Minimum Required Space: 120 sqm
Total Estimated Franchise Cost: P 3,000,000.00

Contact Details:

Contact Number: (02)5793748, (032)4162511 and (032)2316659
Contact Email: pinky@greenhome.ph

source: logo and symbol © The Green Home

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