Monday, September 7, 2015

PR Gaz Franchise

When deciding what business to start, your best bet would be something that is considered a basic necessity, i.e. food, gas, clothing, shelter and utilities because these are something that people can't live without and would have to consume/use over and over again on a regular basis.

Take the LPG gas for example. every Filipino household needs one. From a family living in Alabang village to a family living in Alabang gilid, everyone needs it to cook food. This a a perfect example of a business that offers a product/service that we can' t do without.

With that said, PR Gaz is one of the countries top LPG brands. You know you can be sure that you are getting the right quantity and quality when you buy from them. They also have a large nationwide distribution network making them a familiar brand to many Pinoys. If you are interested in the LPG distribution business, this is an excellent franchise choice.

Franchise Details:

Total Estimated Franchise Cost: P 1,200,000.00 to P 1,500,000.00
Franchise Fee: P 150,000.00 exclusive of VAT
Royalty Fee: 1%
Franchise Term: 5 years
Franchise Renewal: 5 years

Contact Details:

Contact Address: Retelco Drive corner E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagong Ilog Pasig City
Contact Number: (02)5717771 and FAX: (02)5717775

source: logo and symbol © PR Gaz

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