Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pinoy Ice Scramble Franchise

If there is one dessert item that is sure to remind you of your childhood, then I am sure it is ice scramble. Many among you have fond memories of buying ice scramble from mostly ambulant vendors in school after classes are over with your friends before commuting or walking home.

Now, relieve the best years of your life with the ice scramble of Pinoy Ice Scramble. Their ice scramble is the same fluffy bubblegum flavored ice concoction, topped with chocolate syrup and powdered milk that we all know and love. Now your can start your own ice scramble business with the Pinoy Ice Scramble team. Not only is their product well loved and made with the highest quality ingredients, but its one of the most affordable franchise to get into.

Franchise Details:

Total Estimated Franchise Cost: P 230,000.00
Franchise Fee: P 80,000.00
Marketing Fee: P 1,000.00 monthly
Franchise Renewal: 3 years

Contact Details:

Contact Address: Suite 503 Westrade Center West Avenue, Quezon City
Contact Number: (02)4412651  and  FAX: (02)441-2651

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