Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yellow Cab Franchise

Quick, who among you though Yellow Cab was a foreign franchise when you first dined there? If you find yourself raising your hand, don't worry you are not alone. I was among many who thought that this was a foreign franchise despite frequenting the establishment on numerous occasions. The ambiance, the pizzas and the menu all point to an authentic New York import. So imagine my surprise when I learned that Yellow Cab was a local creation.

As an avid pizza connoisseur, I am sure a lot of you would agree with me that Yellow Cab pizzas taste divine, or that it simply tastes different from other pizza chains that's new to Filipinos when they opened their first store in the early 2000's. Aside from pizza's, they also have a wide range of unique menus and  a store design that is a winner . If you are looking for a franchise that's a can't miss, look no further than Yellow Cab.

Franchise Details:

Total Estimated Franchise Cost (w/ outlet): 9 million to 12 million pesos
Frachise Fee: P 1,250.000.00
Royalty Fee: 6%
Marketing Fee: 3%
Franchise Renewal: 5 years
Franchise Term: 10 years

Contact Details:

Contact Person:  Michael Domingo
Contact Address: 2F Pancake House Bldg. 2259 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City
Contact Number: (02)8561234 Local 121

source: logo and symbol © Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

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