Monday, July 27, 2015

Bente Silog Franchise

Filipinos love to eat, and eat together with family and friends. The habit of eating out together is a very enjoyable activity but can also be quite expensive if done on a regular basis. But what if I told you that you can eat out regularly without breaking the bank?

Introducing Bente Silog and their twenty peso meals. Their very affordable meal comes in 3 varieties, burgersilog, longsilog and hamsilog. Aside from their twenty peso meals (bente), they do offer other varieties at a higher but still very much affordable prices.

For  entrepreneurs looking for a new business venture, you'll be hard pressed to find another that offers the best value for your clients money. As you can see below, their brightly designed stores prominently display their affordable meals that is sure to bring a smile to every Juan. They are open for Franchise.

Franchise Details:

Kiosk Type 

Total Investment: P 250,000.00
Minimum area: 4 x 4 sqm

Dine-in Package

Total Investment (Metro Manila): P 550,000.00
Total Investment (Provincial): P 600,000.00
Minimum area: 20 sqm

Contact Details:

Contact Number: (02)6332074 and 09989950323

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